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How low can this man Cameron go?

February 13, 2013

He attacks the unemployed, the sick and disabled, if that’s not bad enough, he’s going after the elderly, those who worked hard all their lives and then retired, he’s even messed with the police, with their working practices, and pensions, and that’s not an exhaustive list, but for this mad man, his finale is too depraved to consider right minded, he’s going after the unsung hero’s of today, those who do a hard and difficult job, for little thanks from society, the carers.

These people WORK for their benefits, saving the Govt. millions.

This man is incredible in his stupidity, sitting on his fortunes thinking he knows best, when in the real world, we don’t all sit down in £4 million mansions to a £80 breakfast every morning.

What is going on in this man’s head? What is he really thinking?

Too much Moët gone to the head, perhaps?


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