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ESA tribunal on Monday

February 11, 2013

So today was my ESA tribunal, I sat before a judge and a medical doctor, my support worker Paul sat next to me, a very anxious time for me, as last June I had a WCA, and on August 1st, I was told by the DWP that Atos has declared me fit for work, I immediately appealed, and the DWP said, no, we won’t reconsider the verdict of the assessment.

Over 6 months on, the tribunal, I woke at 8.30, my time to get to the appeal was at 10. We got there in plenty of time. They were great, very friendly, unbiased sympathetic people. The appeal took 20 or so minutes, one of the things the doctor said was how come I went from 16 points to nil?

After a few questions, and some pouring over the Atos decision letter and my medical notes, we were told to leave the room while they came to a verdict.

After being recalled to the room, they announced that they were upholding my appeal, and putting me into the Support Group.

Up until now, I was in WRAG, now I’m in Support, like 4 in every 10 appellants, I was successful in overturning the decision by Atos.

Atos is very over zealous in their actions in trying to remove people off ESA, a recent article ( critises the Govt and Atos “A report by the committee found that 40% of appeals against Atos’ decisions were successful.”

Sad to say, it fails to state that 10 disabled people assessed by Atos die every day.

The cost every year for these appeals stands at £60 million, a shocking waste of money which need not happen if Atos behaved ethically in their attitude towards the disabled.


ATOS – French company contracted by the DWP to carry out medical assessments

DWP – Department of Works and Pensions

ESA – Employment Support Allowance

Support Group – One of the ESA categories

WCA – Medical assessment

WRAG – One of the ESA categories


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